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About Reclaimed Fitness

Our Process

At Reclaimed Fitness we understand the power of groups. Group exercise has been scientifically shown to reduce stress and increase emotional and physical health benefits. So we've created an atmosphere that does just that. Here, you'll work out with people who share your goals and will support you every step of the way.

Our classes are about movement for health, not just movement for fitness. The work you do today can help you be active for the rest of your life. People of all fitness levels will enjoy and find success here.

Our Founder

Cathleen B has been teaching group fitness for 15 years. She’s seen first-hand the power of exercise. “I love seeing people change their lives through fitness. I’m always inspired by the connections that form in class and the stories I hear of people improving their health. This is what motivated me to open Reclaimed Fitness. I want to help more people reclaim their health.”

Cathleen understands that relationships are key to transforming lives. She has surrounded herself with a great team of instructors who share her passion for motivating others to be healthy. Not just physically fit, but healthy for life.


Not afraid of a little hard work, Cathleen has done much of the renovation herself. From laying the reclaimed gym floor to sourcing other recycled materials to add character to the space.  Come check it out for yourself!


Let's Get Moving

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600 N First Bank Dr, Suite CB

Palatine, IL 60067

Tel: 847-701-8908

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